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call centers on customer care.

In the world of business, you need more than a cost-effective call center provider. You need a customer care partner. And when you have the support of Customer Service Experts, you get it all in every call with “live” inbound and outbound services.
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Industry-Leading Call Center Experts

As leading experts in “live” outbound and inbound call center solutions, we provide the most professional and cost-effective services in the industry. We’ll surprise and delight you with proven customer engagement strategies that integrate seamlessly with your operations, sales and marketing departments. We make it our mission to understand your company’s DNA and culture. Because in the world of business, you need more than just a call center provider. You need a customer care partner who completely understands your products, services and customers, and can deliver measurable results on all of your key performance indicators.

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High-Tech/High-Touch Customer Care

We have combined advanced technology with human-centric customer care to create one of the most affordable high-tech/high-touch call centers in the industry. From internet orders, appointment setting and lead qualification, to the implementation of proven cross-selling and up-selling initiatives, customer retention programs and win back campaigns, we help your business increase productivity while decreasing costs. All backed by time-tested Quality Assurance & Training programs that result in some of the highest customer satisfaction scores in the industry.

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Best-in-class Inbound and Outbound Solutions

Customer Service Experts has hundreds of skilled agents in the U.S., as well as high-quality offshore/nearshore agents to provide best-in-class “live caller” experiences—all supported by advanced IVR and soundboard technology—and strict compliance to governmental regulations. Just as importantly, our expert Technical Support Team provides the most advanced processes and a robust data library to improve customer targeting, boost productivity, and increase efficiencies—all with an eye to tracking and measurement metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of every customer interaction.

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Customer Service Experts  offers a powerful, high quality, full service contact center solution that has added to my success.  They were able to set up our inbound customer service campaign in less than 24 hours and they have provided an outbound sales team that is bar none.   Customer Service Experts has been a game changer for us not only by increasing our customer service rating but also by adding to our top line.

J. Henry
Founder and CEO of Medify Air


Stop missing important business calls, provide better customer service and increase customer satisfaction


From Customer Care to Appointment Setting to Lead Qualification … we help your business increase efficiency while decreasing costs with our US-based business process outsourcing solutions


We provide a team of experienced representatives ensuring a great customer service experience.  Let us treat your clients with the respect they deserve.


From Digital Fundraising to Direct Mail to Calling to Social Media Fundraising, we fulfill the need for donations to accomplish the organization’s goals


Our customer service professionals are ready to take your customer’s calls and assist them with placing orders

B2B or B2C

We work to increase your conversion rates in business and consumer processes.


Our live receptionists are highly trained and resourceful, with a passion for helping others. We work with you to build a custom script that our agents use to assist your callers in all situations.


Convert more Leads to secure more customers and increase your profit.


Allow us to provide you high-quality leads.


Inbound and outbound customer service reps provide various forms of support for customers by telephone. Inbound customer service is the traditional approach to telephone-based customer service. It occurs when a customer calls a company with a service request or an inquiry. The agents handling the incoming calls must have the product and technical knowledge to deal with the call or, if necessary, transfer the call to the correct specialist.

Outbound customer service representatives take a more proactive approach. As call center agents, they contact customers to follow up on a service issue or to notify customers of new products or policy changes. Outbound customer service allows managers to make greater use of agents during quiet periods, increasing overall productivity.